The main studio is housed in the old general store. The walls are sandstock brick and the ceiling is baltic pine with large sky lights. There is a fireplace at one end and shop windows at the other that look out over the landscape and the occasional train that passes not 100 meters away. During the 1930's gold rush the building was a billiard hall and some of the older locals still remember it as a smoky den of ill repute. One locals tells of being led away from it by the ear when he was a child with the warning from the town policeman, "that it wasn't a place fit for children!"

Back door of General Store Studio
General Store Studio

Now it is a smoke free zone with the sounds of billiard cues being replaced by Beethoven, Mozart & Vivaldi. Two etching presses now sit on concrete piers that were cut into the floor to offer a firm base for the billiard tables. Paint splattered work benches, comfortable seating, stereo and library take up the rest of the studio. For musicians, the studio has perfect acoustics and several concerts have been performed in the space over the last 25 years by visiting Sydney musicians. A door at one ends leads into a small "secret garden" which connects to the garden studios.

General Store Studio features:
- two etching presses
- work tables
- stereo
- tv & video
- fireplace


The Garden Studio is located in a separate building overlooking a typical Australian country garden. The studio is the writers/illustrators/painters studio. It has skylights, French doors and a large veranda, ideal for outdoor eating.

Although there are no ceiling fans in the studios, there are a number of free standing fans and heaters.

Garden Studio features:
- work tables
- stereo
- easels
- french doors opening onto garden
- library

Garden Studio    Photo: Rodney Weidland
Outdoor Studio



At the bottom of the garden, under the shade of a plum tree is an outdoor stone carving area.

Outdoor Studios features:
- work table
- storage


Artists and sculptors would be expected to bring their own work materials though would be welcome to use any of the tools in the studios.


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