The house was built in 1894 as a residency for the owners of the Crick & Co. General Store. The outer walls are ripple iron and the interior walls are lined with Baltic pine imported as ballast on the four master sailing ships of the 1800's. The design is typical of early australian architecture with a wide veranda skirted by a garden of lavender, olive and eucalyptus.

There are four bedrooms, two dining rooms, kitchen, breakfast room, pantry, bathroom, and a flush toilet at the end of the garden path. The house is fully furnished in 1800's style, though the lounge is from the 1930's. Modern conveniences such as tv, video and cd and stereo are concealed in old cupboards.



Back veranda   Photo: Rodney Weidland
Bathroom   Photo: Rodney Weidland

The main rooms downstairs have ceiling fans and even in the heat of summer the house stays relatively cool. Three open fireplaces offer warmth during the winter and there are several electric heaters for extra personal warmth while working in the studios.

The kitchen has an antique gas stove from the 1920's, tank water for drinking, cooking and bathing, and a good supply of bore water for the garden. There is a fridge and microwave and every cooking utensil one would need.


The house has been newly rewired and both house and studios are equipped with safety trip switches. The T.V. reception is perfect on four channels with the ABC and SBS having the best picture. There is a comprehensive library of novels, art books, journals and text books.

To live in the house is to experience stepping back a century but with all those small modern conveniences we have come to rely on. The house has been featured in the 1988 Collectors Edition of Belle magazine and Australian House & Garden magazine with photographs by well-known photographer Rodney Weidland.

Hallway   Photo: Rodney Weidland

House features:
- four bedrooms
- 2 dining rooms
- kitchen & breakfast room
- lounge room
- bathroom
- tv & video
- open fireplaces
- ceiling fans
- large garden


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